Dynamicity, self-motivated work and legal excellence.
Our office provides comprehensive legal services to industry, commercial and service companies, within Brazil and throughout the world.

 In order to best serve our clients, and to be able to provide them with prompt and detailed information, we maintain ample control of legal matters on our behalf, specially in case development, Legislation and Jurisprudence.

Clients are assisted with continuing reports about their cases.

We have associate offices in Brazil and abroad.

Our purpose is dynamic, self-motivated work and legal excellence.

Main Activities

Our Office includes lawyers practising to assist clients in the followings areas:


We have extensive experience in negotiating and preparing contracts relating to all types of businesses;


We study, organize documents and settle transactions involving properties in several ways, acquisition, sale, condominiums, landlords and tenants. In connection with construction projects, land use, zoning and environmental issues;


We have substantial and varied practice in all areas and jurisdictions;


We offer complete advice to its clients in selecting the proper structure for their business, including corporate organization, incorporation, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, preparing and maintaining before Governmental and Regulatory Agencies as CVM, Bolsa de Valores e Banco Central.


We have broad experience in Civil Antitrust cases, involving price discrimination and competitor disputes. Lawyers working in this area provide preventive antirust counseling and is able to act before the federal antitrust committee, as well as the Judiciary. In addition, the Office defends companies in all aspects of Consumer Law;


 Experience and ability to negotiate contracts relating to Copyright Rights involving literary and artistic works, Softwares, Technology Transfer Agreements, Secrecy agreements, Licenses, Trademarks, Patents and other intangible assets, including payments and remittances of royalties and registration before the pertinent entities for rights protection.

In addition, our lawyers are experts in this area, writing Reports and Legal Opinions giving support to our clients (plaintiffs and defendants) and judges in many cases.

  • TAX

We provide clients with complete representation in Federal, state and local tax controversies at all administrative and judicial levels, and develops projects regarding tax reductions and tax benefits.


Ample and general advice on employment issues, defense of all claims before labor judges, collective bargaining negotiations, strikes and boycotts.